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Car Repair Service in Pune

Our Services:

Complete Car Servicing:

From tip to toe, your cars are in the best hands. We offer complete car repair Pune servicing at a quite affordable price!

Car Denting and Painting:

From minor scratches to dents, paint wearing off, a major tear, and even bumper damage, we have got you covered!

Car Interior Cleaning:

Got some liquid spills and food crumbs on your car's interior? Don't you worry? We are here for your car interior cleaning, including Scrubbing, vacuuming, and cleaning your car's seat.

Car Rubbing and Polishing:

Don't let the heat and dust take away the shine of your car. Our rubbing and polishing services are the best in Pune. So let you and your car shine throughout the year.

Car AC Repairing:

If you want a well-functioning car for a long time, you have to take care of the car's air conditioner. We offer the perfect maintenance for your car's Ac, including fixing refrigerant leaks, AC compressor repair, etc.

Free Road-Side Assistance:

Stuck with your car on the roadside due to engine failure or dead batteries? Get instant help by contacting our service center in Pune. We will be there in no time to assign you!

Why Choose Us:

We get it! Car service in Pune has got quite expensive and even reliable. So why should you rely on us? Because we are the leading car service company in Pune with quality assurance and many other benefits. Customer satisfaction is our priority. We take care of your car by delivering the finest services.

Genuine parts:

No duplicate spares lying here and there! We only deal with OEM/OES spares for top-notch quality servicing.


Your car is in safe hands! We will keep you in the loop with a live status update and 2487 assistance to take the pressure off your shoulder.


Servicing doesn't have to be hectic anymore. At least not when you choose us! We make sure you have the best servicing experience ever.

Economical Pricing:

Our services will never be heavy on your pockets. You can save up to 50% by opting for our car repair services in Pune.


Synthetic engine lubricants are created by a synthesis process that assembles extremely tiny molecules into bigger designer molecules with superior lubricating qualities.

Because most car spares are mechanical, they often have a fairly long life. But it doesn't imply the parts don't need to be replaced. Our specialists will assist you in understanding the parts that will need a quick replacement.

A general automotive inspection can be performed on a regular basis. It aids you in preventing early failures.