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About Repairs24 helps the garages to set up the workshop in an organized manner with technology, human force, infrastructure investment to make it look more professional and get businesses for them, which is a win-win situation for both - the customers and the garage's owners as well.

We aim to provide budget-friendly services and privately-owned car garages. The reason what makes us distinct from the traditional auto-mechanics shop is our doorstep auto repair services. Just sit back and relax in your home as our expert mechanics will pick and drop your vehicle from your doorstep. Our trained technicians repair your car at an affordable cost with complete transparency.

About Founder

Mr. Ashutosh the founder of Repairs24 and the proud owner of Ford endeavor car, back in 2017-18 came up with some engine malfunction light on the dashboard. The authorized service center took more than a year to find the root cause of the problem and was unable to identify the exact problem. To solve the situation one of his friends came up as an angel and recommended a mechanic from a local garage near him and the person solved the exact problem within 2 weeks. After that, he rolls up with a realization that local garages have good technician but the setup & infrastructure is poor. This is why most people prefer an authorized service center. But the service is nearly the same and expensive than the local ones.

Mapping this misery of every car-owner Mr. Aashutosh came up with the idea of for the people who face such problems now and then.

Looking for Custom Repairs for your Car or Bike in Mumbai?