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Regular servicing of your car is essential in maintaining its performance. Moreover, any underlying problems can be detected during car repairing. Thus, it is required to eliminate escalation of the issue that already exists in the car.

Furthermore, regular and timely car servicing will result in the smooth performance of your vehicle. Whether the battery performance or brake power, a car servicing session addresses all the vital points. A car repair service session maintains and sometimes enhances the car’s health. You can be assured while driving your car if you get it serviced regularly.

Following a checklist in examining all your car components and cleaning them can be highly beneficial. At Repairs24, we follow a standard list to ensure coverage of your car’s check-up. If our professionals detect any problem in your vehicle, we inform the owner at the earliest. We offer a wide range of car services and services to several types of vehicles. These include Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, Maruti Suzuki, BMW, Volkswagen, Skoda, Mercedes, Land Rover, Jaguar, Audi, and many more. The team is experienced and skilled at rendering these services, so the car’s health is perfect after the check-up. Our car mechanic will also guide you regarding the functioning.

car services
car services
Please find below our coverage details regarding car repair.
  • Battery life and functionality
  • Examining oils, fuels, and coolants
  • Cooling and air conditioning systems
  • Brakes and belts
  • Steering, cables, and suspension
  • Tyres and tyre tubes, along with pressure checking
  • External accessories like washers, wipers, etc.
  • Checking lights, including headlights, interior lighting, tail lights, etc.

We are one of the leading companies for doorstep car repair service in India. and have a satisfied customer base. Thus, contact us today and book an appointment to eliminate the chances of any mishaps in your car’s performance.

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Repairs24 offers simple, convenient solutions to everyday automotive problems. You can rest assured as your doorstep car service is carried out by a highly trained and qualified car mechanic.
Booking a car oil change also gets you an exclusive discount on your next Major Service with us.


Open the hood, locate the dipstick and pull it out before wiping it clean with a rag. Reinsert the clean dipstick completely into the engine and pull it back up straight immediately. The dipstick has two lines at the bottom corresponding to maximum and minimum fill. The point between the two lines, where the oily and dry sections on the dipstick meet, indicates the oil level.

The frequency of engine oil changes depends on the vehicle type and usage. Most car manufacturers today recommend changing the oil after it has traveled 7500 or 10000 miles or has been in use for anywhere between 6 and 12 months. Also, people who use their cars less need to change the engine oil more frequently than those who use them extensively.

Park the car in a safe spot and use a wrench to loosen the lug nuts of the tire but do not remove them. Lift the vehicle. Instead, lift off the ground using the jack before removing the lug nuts to detach the tire and replace it with the spare. Replace the lug nuts winding them tightly with the wrench, and lower the car back to the ground.

Open the hood and locate and identify the battery terminals. Disconnect the negative terminal first, followed by the positive terminal, to avoid the risk of a short circuit. Next, remove the battery and replace it with a new one. Next, reconnect the positive and negative terminals, tightening the clamps with a wrench. Finally, start the car to ensure that all the electronic devices are working properly.

Maintain a steady speed within the allowed speed limit and avoid rapid acceleration and hard barking to save fuel. Maintain the recommended tire pressure according to the type of vehicle and avoid overloading the vehicle. Use only the engine oil specified by the manufacturers, and be sure to change it as per the recommendations in the user manual. Performing regular maintenance also helps maximize fuel efficiency.

The time taken to complete the repair work depends on a variety of factors, including the scope of the problem to be resolved. In addition, the availability of spare parts and the age and make of the vehicle contribute significantly towards determining the exact duration of repair work. Most minor repair works are completed within a day or two, although some repair tasks may even take several weeks.

The frequency of changing the air filter varies from one vehicle to another, although it is recommended to do so after every 12,000 to 15,000 miles. The exact duration for replacing the filter depends on various factors, including the vehicle specifications, the distance covered, and the region's environmental conditions. The driving frequency and the model of the car are other important factors to consider.

Unlike earlier times, today, it is possible to match the paint color of your car almost exactly thanks to the use of sophisticated tools. First, we check your car's specific paint color code and match it with a large database of original colors. Then, given that the original paint can fade with time and change hues, we use the right tools to get the perfect shade.

Overheating of the car engine is a serious issue and one that requires immediate attention to prevent further damage. If the car starts to heat, just turn on the heater to dissipate the heat into the passenger chamber before pulling over. Next, call the roadside assistance service providers and wait for them to arrive. You may even try adding a coolant if it is easily available.

Regarding the distance covered, it is advisable to change the oil every 7500 to 10000 miles. In terms of time, the oil should be changed after 6 to 12 months of use. The frequency may vary as per the car's age and how it is used. The driving technique followed by drivers can also impact the duration of changing the oil.

Keeping the brakes in perfect operating condition is one of the basic principles of safe driving. Most people get their brakes checked only when they rotate the tires of their cars. However, getting the brakes checked every six months and before commencing a long trip is recommended. The frequency may also vary according to the driving technique and the traffic and road conditions.

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